June 1-4, 2016




Frequently Asked Questions


Questions and answers you may have about your trip


to golf camp.

1. How is my roommate determined?

Each camper is paired with another camper or two in one room. You can choose your desired roommate or you will be paired with a camper of a similar age. 

2. I am a beginner am I going to feel out of place? 

At camp there is a wide range of abilities. All campers are divided into small groups that are based on age, similar experience, and ability.2015 Wall Pic

3. What do we do when the sun goes down and we are not on the golf course? 

Since all coaches and counselors stay with the campers in the hotel-various activities take place when the campers arrive at the hotel in the evening. Some of the activities include a college golf information session, tournament planning and preparation and various games. There is always a T. V. lounge where campers watch movies or sporting events before lights out. 

4. What should I bring with me to camp? 

All campers should bring golf clubs, golf shoes, golf clothes for 3 days, clothes you would want to wear while hanging out in the hotel at night, toothbrush, sunscreen, and some extra spending money for pizza, drinks and snacks at night. 

5. What do we eat at camp? 

Each morning campers will eat a breakfast buffet at the hotel. Lunch and dinner are catered in each day to the Boyd Center; this allows us to spend more time on the golf facilities instead of leaving and going off site. All of the meals are all you can eat. Also, it is always popular among the campers to order pizza, wings or Chinese food at night with other campers while hanging out.

6. Where do I go for check-in/check-out? 

Resident campers (overnight) – You will check-in at the hotel, where the campers will be staying. Each camper will get directions to the hotel, sent via e-mail, closer to the start of camp. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be greeted by camp staff, which will then take you to the registration desk and carry your belongings to your room. The campers will then have a brief orientation from the coaches and take a bus out to the golf course. Our staff will transport the golf clubs out to the golf facility and they will be waiting for the campers when they arrive. To check-out of the camp on the last day, parents will pick up their campers at the golf facility following the camp tournament and grand finale “knock-out” in the intramural competition. After the awards ceremony, you will then travel over to the hotel to load up your belongings and turn in your hotel key. Once the key is returned, you are officially check-out. Commuter (Day) – You will check-in at the Boyd Golf Center each day. The Boyd Golf Center will also be where you will check-out each day. 

7. Are parents allowed to be spectators at the camp tournament? 

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend the camp tournament. The camp tournament is a 9 hole tournament within each age division. It is played the last morning of camp. Following the competition of the tournament, we have a cookout for the parents and campers during the grand finale of camp, also known in intramurals as “knock-out”. After the “knock-out” we will have the awards ceremony and you return to the hotel to check out and head home. 

8. If I sign up for camp and later have to cancel, what is the cancellation policy? 

We will refund your entire camp fee minus the credit card processing fee ($45.00) at anytime. A credit card processing fee is charged to the camp to process your registration at the time you register on-line.