June 1-4, 2016



2016 Camps

2016 Camps


Who is Eligible:

Any young lady 18 or under is eligible to attend the camp. Campers who are the age of 12 by September 1, 2016 are allowed to be an overnight camper. Campers under the age of 12 must be commuters. Please call the University of Georgia Golf office at (706) 369-6066 if you have any further questions.


Camp Size Limits:

Camps size will be limited so register today to reserve a spot.  Campers will be organized by age and ability for more effective instruction.


Health & Safety:

Full time coaches and counselors will be available to help ensure the safety of each student during camp sessions and in the hotel.  Camp counselors will be University of Georgia women’s golf team members along with other collegiate golfers and coaches.



$650/$850 commuter/resident covers all instruction, room, board, green fees and practice ball expenses.  


Arrival & Departure:

Registration will be from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm at the hotel and pick up will be from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at the UGA golf team clubhouse.


Clothing & Equipment:

You will be required to bring the following:  golf attire, laundry bag, toilet kit, sun screen lotion, golf bag, and spending money.


Housing & Food:

You will be housed at the Springhill Suites Hotel.  Students will be assigned two-to-a-room or three-to-a-room and will eat their meals at the hotel and the UGA golf team clubhouse.  All the coaches and counselors stay at the hotel with the campers.


NCAA Guidelines:

NCAA Guidelines prohibit payment of camp expenses (transportation, camp tuition, spending money, etc.) by representatives of the University of Georgia athletic interests.  NCAA rules also prohibit free or reduced camp admission for prospects (ninth grade or above).  If you have any questions, please notify officials prior to camp.


Insurance & Medical:

Accident/Medical coverage for the camp will be provided on an excess of secondary basis. This means that all claims for medical expenses as a result of injuries incurred during camp MUST be sent to the injured child's parent for filing with their insurance carrier. The camp policy will pay for those expenses not paid for under the parent's coverage or if the parent does not have coverage, subject to exclusions. A doctor is on call, and hospital and student medical facilities are readily accessible. A physician statement form will be sent to you along with confirmation of your registration. The completed form MUST BE presented upon arrival at camp or you can send in before camp via email or fax. Every effort will be made to protect the health and safety of our campers. The camp assumes no responsibility for accidents or illness.

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